Nutcracker The Play - Director's Note

“I am more and more convinced that our happiness or unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of life, than on the nature of those events themselves” - Wilhelm von Humboldt
The Nutcracker is a magical story that will give even the Grinch a scoop of Christmas Spirit. What I love with the story is how it portrays how we can change our lives by taking charge of the situation we are in. By guiding the people around us to a more inviting, forgiving and caring environment, we can melt even the coldest hearts. We have been exploring the story using physical theatre, mask work, devising and objectives in order to give it as many dimensions as possible.

Being a part of Nutcracker the Play has been a wonderful, meaningful and interesting journey. My main focus has been on the development of the characters throughout the play. When Keon wrote the play, we talked about how we can keep the magic of Christmas and at the same time tell an important story. With help from the toys, the…

Talking Godot - Thoughts from Director Peter Reid

Talking Godot.

Peter Reid, the director of the production of Waiting For Godot shares with us his notes on the characters and the play in-depth. 
Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot was first performed at the Théâtre de Babylone, Paris on January 5th 1953 under the title 'En attendant Godot'. Originally subtitled "a tragicomedy in two acts" and famously labelled ‘a play in which nothing happens, twice’, audiences continue to debate social, political, philosophical and theological interpretations of the text which was voted most significant English language play of the 20th century in a poll by the Royal National Theatre in 1990.
Waiting for Godot opens on Wednesday, October 24th at Drama Theatre, HK Academy for Performing Arts. For ticketing and further details, please visit

Act One POZZO: Who is Godot? GOGO: Godot? POZZO: You took me for Godot. DIDI: Oh! No Sir. Not for an instant Sir. POZZO: Who is he? DIDI: Oh…

How To Ace An Audition!

Written by Michael Lin

GET THERE EARLY I generally like to get to my audition with at least 15 minutes to spare. This gives me ample time to travel there and leave time for the unpredictable nature of public transport. It also gives me time to warm up and get in the zone mentally for the audition.
I once had a final recall for a musical and my agent had told me it was at the venue I had previously auditioned at. I got to the said venue, approached reception and asked them which studio the audition was in. He had a confused look on his face… Luckily, he was in the loop and knew where the final round was but it was a 30 minute journey away and it was due to start in 15! I called my agent and explained that the info he sent me was incorrect and he apologized and called the panel that I would be a little late getting there. This is a one off situation, but it could have been a lot worse had I not been there a little early.


Stand Up on Stage - Get Ready For Faust's 20th Anniversary Season!

Written by Keon Lee

Faust started in 1999 with a simple aim: to bring the wonderful world of theatre to children and young people. We now have a rich history of amazing productions and drama programmes, led by passionate and distinguished leaders and professional collaborators, with an endless list of fantastic students and alumni who performed beyond expectations. It is quite staggering for those of us at Faust who have been here since the beginning and have seen shy or distracted children step up to the stage every year and transform themselves entirely to be confident, skilled storytellers.

Empowering children to be confident, skilled storytellers is exactly why we do the work - it is why we sought to bring the world of theatre to them in the first place. We want children to be powerful and expressive for the stage and for life. Performing for the stage gives children the discipline and tools to help them be self-expressed and creative in engaging ways. These are essential skills t…

The Benefits of Drama!

Written by Josephine Lane

Learning drama is such an important and fun thing to do and can lead to many positive benefits for a child’s life. It can teach us amazing performance skills, as well as valuable leadership skills and qualities such as confidence, creativity and communication. Drama requires teamwork and collaboration which helps build essential social skills in a proactive, positive environment. Let us tell you more about how drama can positively enrich your child’s potential and well being!

Drama can teach us creativity and expand our imaginations. In our drama workshops, we explore new worlds, become people from different times and places and learn about different perspectives and ways of thinking. Exploring these things can give us the skills needed to be creative and imaginative. In an ever-changing world, having a creative and imaginative approach is so important for thinking ‘outside the box’ and coming up with new and interesting ideas and solutions.

You Are A Creative Storyteller

Our General Manager, Keon gave an inspiring closing speech at the 2018 ESF Chairman's Awards for Excellence. This annual event recognises and celebrates the outstanding performances 228 ESF graduates.
In his speech, Keon shares about how we are all powerful creative storytellers, and how we can apply it into our daily lives. Read the full speech below!

Keon's Speech at the ESF Chairman's Awards for Excellence
Good evening everyone. Congratulations to all the award recipients at today’s ceremony. It is official. You are all excellent! You have an official document that says you have achieved excellence. You are recognised for your hard work and achievements in your academic studies, your outstanding leadership, commitment and contributions to others by your community, the ESF community, by your teachers and by the chairman of the ESF.
This is like one of those moments that’s in the end of Hollywood films, like the end of the early Harry Potter movies or high school movies wh…

Interview with Faust Member - Thilo Roehrich

One of our Faust members, Thilo Roehrich shares with us about his experience with Faust and his experience in taking on roles in professional shows, including the recent production of Evita which ran at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in May and June 2018!

Hello Thilo! Please introduce yourself (what school do you attend, when did you start Faust)

I am Thilo, I go to Kennedy School. I started Faust when I was 5 and have been doing it ever since. 
Thilo, you’ve been involved in so many professional shows! How did you get involved?
I have been to Faust classes for so many years and there have been lots of opportunities to perform. My first big stage productions were with Faust - I auditioned and got parts in Treasure Island and Jungle Book. I then heard about a role for Priscilla Queen of the Desert last year from a friend who was auditioning and I went and auditioned. I was lucky to be offered the part. 
Auditions can be nerve wracking experiences for some. Why do you think you we…