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You Are A Creative Storyteller

Our General Manager, Keon gave an inspiring closing speech at the 2018 ESF Chairman's Awards for Excellence. This annual event recognises and celebrates the outstanding performances 228 ESF graduates.
In his speech, Keon shares about how we are all powerful creative storytellers, and how we can apply it into our daily lives. Read the full speech below!

Keon's Speech at the ESF Chairman's Awards for Excellence
Good evening everyone. Congratulations to all the award recipients at today’s ceremony. It is official. You are all excellent! You have an official document that says you have achieved excellence. You are recognised for your hard work and achievements in your academic studies, your outstanding leadership, commitment and contributions to others by your community, the ESF community, by your teachers and by the chairman of the ESF.
This is like one of those moments that’s in the end of Hollywood films, like the end of the early Harry Potter movies or high school movies wh…