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Ready to Play: The Faust Festival 2018

The Faust Festival is a showcase for our youth theatre groups ages 4 to 16, a chance for our young actors to demonstrate their creativity, talent and commitment at a professional performance space. Since 2000, we have staged over 1,000 performances with over 8,000 members acting out exciting stories for audiences.

New Stories, Old Favourites Each year we have a selection of new plays as well as old favourites to perform. New plays this year include The Frog Prince, Sky Pirates of Neverland, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Wild Things, The Odyssey and more! Returning shows include Hollywood Shakespeare, What You Will, Arabian Nights and more, given to different groups to allow everybody to experience something different each year.

The selection was carefully curated by the Faust Team of leaders to allow our young actors to tell fun and engaging stories and perform as one of the many fantastic and colourful characters.
Combined Efforts Over the years the Faust Festival has grown in size and …

Servant of Two Masters Preview - A Comedy about Love and Lies in the 1980s

For the past 3 years, Faust International Youth Theatre's Stage Group (with actors ages 15 to 18) has tackled the bard with the passionate and action packed Romeo and Juliet, the intense King Lear and the poetic, absurdist landscape of Waiting for Godot. After 3 years of tragedy, it was time for a change.  For Stage Group’s latest production, we turn to the mad world of commedia dell’arte – a 16th century Italian theatre genre. Modern comedy owes a lot to the absurd and hilarious characters of commedia dell’arte.

Arlecchino, Pantalone, Il Capitano, Brighella, Pedrolino, Ruffiana… while these names are unfamiliar, most audience members will recognise the comic archetypes. The quick witted servant, the greedy old miser, the ignorant professor, the sad and lonely loser… we see these character types everywhere in TV sitcoms (Brooklyn 99, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons) and films (Crazy, Stupid Love, Hot Fuzz, A Fish Called Wanda.)

Servant of Two Masters is an age old story with a str…