Stand Up on Stage - Get Ready For Faust's 20th Anniversary Season!

Written by Keon Lee

Faust started in 1999 with a simple aim: to bring the wonderful world of theatre to children and young people. We now have a rich history of amazing productions and drama programmes, led by passionate and distinguished leaders and professional collaborators, with an endless list of fantastic students and alumni who performed beyond expectations. It is quite staggering for those of us at Faust who have been here since the beginning and have seen shy or distracted children step up to the stage every year and transform themselves entirely to be confident, skilled storytellers.

Empowering children to be confident, skilled storytellers is exactly why we do the work - it is why we sought to bring the world of theatre to them in the first place. We want children to be powerful and expressive for the stage and for life. Performing for the stage gives children the discipline and tools to help them be self-expressed and creative in engaging ways. These are essential skills that are becoming more important to succeed in modern, everyday life.

We have seen this transformation and impact for the past 20 years in many different ways. We have Faust alumni who now work professionally on stage in London. We have many who write back to us and tell us their accomplishments in other fields and have directly told us the positive impact our programmes had on them.

We also see this everyday in our workshops, open sessions and productions where children and young people take the brave step to stand up and express themselves with clarity, confidence and skill.

This season will be our 20th Anniversary Season, and to celebrate this major milestone, we have the following projects planned. More will be announced in the coming months!

Exclusive Workshops for Faust Members
Specialised workshops by Faust leaders and theatre collaborators are available either for free or for a heavily discounted price. Instructors include professional directors from Shakespeare's Globe, former Faust member and current musical theatre professional Michael Lin, the creative team from professional touring shows (Singin' in the Rain, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Evita) and many more to be announced.

Two Magical Productions
We are so excited to bring two major performance opportunities for our members this year:

Nutcracker The Play - December 6th to 9th 2018
Peter Pan & Wendy - February 21st to 24th 2019

We invite members aged 8 and above to audition for these thrilling theatrical adventures. Audition information is available at our website at

New Groups and Locations
We have increased our groups in Sheung Wan with a brand new studio, giving more choice for parents during days of the week. We have also increased our presence in Kowloon and the New Territories with new groups at Malvern College, Kingston International School and International College Hong Kong.

Exciting New Themes for our Holiday Programmes
Each holiday has a specific theme for inspiration for our Holiday Theatre and Creative Writing workshops. Our first two themes include Movements on the Moon during the Mid-Autumn break, and Arctic Adventures during the Winter holidays.

Kidsfest 2019 and Annual Bonus Theatre Visit
We are happy to continue our partnership with ABA Productions as their Official Children's Theatre. This year we will bring our members to a fantastic selection of professional theatre shows from the UK such as Father Christmas, Shakespeare's Globe, and Kidsfest 2019 shows such as The Gruffalo, Wilde Stories, The Room on the Broom, Private Peaceful and more. Our members will enjoy one free theatre visit during Term 1 or Term 2 with their group at no additional cost.

Commitment to the Community
Every year, we contribute to a number of charities and school communities with donations and free placements for our programmes available to those in need. This year we have expanded our initiatives further with more projects than ever. Should you have a cause or charity that you would like us to help contribute to, please contact us at

This is just the start of an exciting anniversary year, with more updates to be announced! We invite you to join us as there is no better time to start and so much to gain from this experience. In the meantime, thank you very much to all of our student members and families who have supported us and gone on wild, theatrical adventures with us in the past 20 years. We look forward to many more thrilling experiences for our young storytellers to share in the next 20 years and beyond!


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