The Benefits of Drama!

Written by Josephine Lane

Learning drama is such an important and fun thing to do and can lead to many positive benefits for a child’s life. It can teach us amazing performance skills, as well as valuable leadership skills and qualities such as confidence, creativity and communication. Drama requires teamwork and collaboration which helps build essential social skills in a proactive, positive environment. Let us tell you more about how drama can positively enrich your child’s potential and well being!

Drama can teach us creativity and expand our imaginations. In our drama workshops, we explore new worlds, become people from different times and places and learn about different perspectives and ways of thinking. Exploring these things can give us the skills needed to be creative and imaginative. In an ever-changing world, having a creative and imaginative approach is so important for thinking ‘outside the box’ and coming up with new and interesting ideas and solutions.

It takes a lot of courage to simply stand on a stage and start speaking in front of an audience. For most people, the first time they do this can be terrifying! Learning drama can ease us into this experience in a safe and nurturing way. The more you practice and learn, the more confident you become! Undoubtedly, developing the confidence to stand on stage, or to speak publicly will be very beneficial for life.

Learning to act can help us develop our speech, communication and presentation skills, a vital skill for anyone! Through drama, we learn how to be concise, tell stories and communicate important messages that we feel strongly about. It also gives teaches us important voice skills, such as projection, clarity and persuasion – fantastic things to possess both on and off the stage.

Teamwork & Friendship
There is nothing that bonds a group of people quicker than making a piece of theatre together. This is because drama is fun, and we bond through laughter and enjoyment. Drama also means putting ourselves out there and risking looking silly, which helps us become friends by supporting each other. 

Drama is not just about acting skills – far from it! Learning and practicing drama has so many fantastic benefits that are very useful for the stage, but also beyond that in life! On top of this, it’s also so much fun! Don’t just take my word for it, try a Drama workshop at Faust International Youth Theatre and see how much it can benefit and improve your child’s life!


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