Winter Adventures with Faust!

Hello, and Happy Winter Holidays to you all! My name is Matthew Baker and I’m a Youth Theatre Leader here at Faust. The Winter Holidays are a magical time of year for all people and cultures in Hong Kong, and this is no different here at Faust International Youth Theatre. What could be more magical than the gift of storytelling, both through drama or creative writing, for your children at this time of year?

Winter Theatre

The holidays are a time for fun and learning. Here at Faust, we believe those things should never be separate. Allow your child to dive into festive tales and set their imaginations on fire by playing different characters and gaining confidence in our Holiday Theatre Programme. In the past, I’ve written a play called All I want for the Holidays is you! which is about reindeers that learn to be friends and help Santa deliver presents. This show was made specifically for 4 to 5 year olds. We have also made productions such as The Snow Queen for ages 8 to 11. All in all, this year we have prepared plenty of festive stories in our bag of tricks for your children to enjoy! 

Our Winter Theatre programmes run for a week (December 17th to 21st), or 3 days (December 27th to 29th / January 2nd to 4th), with groups divided according to age (4 to 5, 6 to 8, 8 to 12). We believe that children should work with those of similar age and ability so projects can be levelled to your child and content be appropriate and engaging for them. At the end of the week, we produce a performance for you the parents or guardians to come and watch and see the progress that your child has made as well as a fun, festive performance creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Play in a Day

If you have only one day to spare why not join us on Saturday, 22nd of December and create a Play in a Day! In this workshop for ages 8 to 12, we will be building a comedy pantomime, which is a British form of theatrical comedy-drama. This year's pantomime will be based on Jack in the Beanstalk and will be directed by drama school trained Josephine Lane, who is another talented leader here at Faust.  Our Play in a Day workshop is fast-paced and gives a taste of what you can expect if you come and join us at Faust for one of our term time programmes.

Creative Writing

If it’s the written word that really excites your child or you would like them to build confidence when writing then why not join our Creative Writing programme for ages 6 to 13? What sets us apart from others is that our programmes focus on making your child really enjoy writing and showing them that the limit of their imagination is infinite. Through carefully planned exercises and workbook, your child will produce their own creative writing pieces. I have led projects where we’ve created our own magical adventure into mythical lands. I love working with young writers to help them improve on their writing and develop their own unique style. At Faust, we believe there are stories inside every child just waiting to burst out of them.

Don't miss out on our Winter Holiday programmes! Join us and allow your child to dive into their creativity and develop their inner creativity through storytelling!

Happy Holidays!

Matthew Baker 

To register for our Winter Theatre, Creative Writing or Play in a Day workshops, please visit


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